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Smart Zalmi Chappal


  • Handpicked best quality leather
  • Comfort padding inside
  • Folded and skewed upper to replace stitching
  • Durable tire sole
  • Adjustable fitting strip
  • Comes with dust bag
  • Handmade with centuries old method of craftsmanship

Have you ever felt nerves occupying impact from wearing the wrong chappal? If you did so then it’s time you have a chappal that can absorb the impact as you walk. This is important because the wrong chappal can alter your body’s alignment and no one likes that.

This chappal is built with leather and has deeper inline cushioning that absorbs the external pressure, cuts down the additional friction, and gives you a push at the walk. They also stay durable for longer and are soft and comfortable.

We have stitched it without involving any machinery to avoid inorganic outcomes. The stitches are strong, double, and strong. The inline cushioning and foam protects against outside pressure whereas the breathable material protects against fungal infections and bad odor


9, 10, 11, 12


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